The Iconic Corolla Hatch. Redefined.

Let the game-changing, sporty styling and intuitive interior draw you in. You’ll find the All-New Corolla Hatch really is for the bold.


How Hybrid Synergy Drive® Works

Hybrid Synergy Drive® is smart technology with the ability to sense the demand on the engine and automatically switch the car between petrol and electric power, or when needed, combine both for maximum efficiency, which guarantees an uncompromised driving experience while also minimising fuel consumption and pollution from exhaust gases. When the petrol engine is running, it charges the battery. And when the car brakes, energy is converted to electricity for the car to use later.

Because the battery receives plenty of charge from the petrol engine when coasting and from the regenerative braking system when slowing down, our hybrid cars never need plugging in to a mains supply.

The sophisticated engine management system even recognises when the car is stationary and switches off to conserve power, automatically switching back on again when needed.

Both the petrol powered combustion engine and the electric motor in our hybrid cars have been improved constantly since the technology was first developed, thanks to our Kaizen philosophy. As a result, each power unit supplies significant amounts of power using the bare minimum of fuel in the process. This makes our hybrids cleaner, quieter and great to drive.

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Sleek Alloys

Together with the bold rear wheel arches, the sporty 18” alloys on the Corolla Hatch ZR add another dimension of eye-catching style.

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Ambient Illumination

Providing a discreet, welcoming glow when you enter Corolla Hatch ZR, the ambient illumination stays on briefly after the last door is closed.

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Amped Up Audio

The premium JBL[C8] audio system in Corolla ZR has eight speakers, each one finely-tuned to fill the car with extraordinary sound quality.

[B38]Lane Trace Assist is a driver assist feature only, designed to operate when certain technical conditions are met, and is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Driver remains responsible at all times for safe driving.

[C8]JBL® is a registered trade mark of Harman International Industries, Incorporated.