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13 June 2016 · Service

Thinking of Buying A Toyota Corolla? Here's the Service Advantage

When you purchase a Toyota you become part of the Toyota family which provides you many benefits including the Toyota Service Advantage. Toyota Service Advantage is a capped price servicing plan which will save you hundreds of dollars when servicing your Toyota.

Benefits Include:

Under the Toyota Service Advantage Program, when you bring your vehicle back for servicing, each of those 6 services only costs $140 (incl GST) each. Not only will you save money but it will also ensure that:

·         Your Corolla is serviced as intended by Toyota

·         Only Toyota Genuine Parts are used, and;

·         Your Toyota is only worked on by Toyota qualified technicians.

Plus, of course, knowing up-front that each service will only cost you $140 (incl GST), makes budgeting very easy. And when you come to sell or trade-in your Corolla on another new Toyota, that history of Genuine Toyota Servicing will be attractive to purchasers which could increase resale value.

Now, Toyota Service Advantage is not just a safety check. It is a full Toyota Warranty and Logbook service and includes parts and labour. You pay only the Toyota Service Advantage price up to the Program term (varies according to vehicle model) and Toyota Australia pays for the additional costs of the service. That’s the “Toyota Lifetime of Advantage”.