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24 February 2022 · New Vehicles

Which small Toyota fits with your big life?

Every Toyota has its own personality. Which one fits best with yours? From impromptu weekends away to dashing through the daily grind, our range of small cars have been designed to go beyond transport and become an extension of your lifestyle Everyone is different – luckily, our versatile range has a small car to fit every Aussie, no matter what drives you!

Small cars. Big personality.

Small cars. Big personality.

It’s important to think about your own passions and unique personality when you head to the Dealership to pick out the perfect small Toyota. To get you started, here’s a rundown of the distinct character you’ll find in Australia’s favourite small cars.


Toyota Yaris

It’s urban. It’s eco-minded. It’s fashion.

The Yaris is our zippy, stylish hatchback that makes a life lived on the busy streets look good. Designed in 12 colours, giving you the option of flaunting your own style every time you take off and pull up.

Is Yaris the one for you?

Yaris is one of our most popular ranges for city drivers. Once you hop inside one you quickly realise how much fun you can fit in. With extra space designed underneath the floor of the boot, you can clock off work and throw in just about anything you'd need for a great weekend adventure.

A taste of Yaris life.

Six premium speakers built-in means you can sing car karaoke at the top of your lungs and still hear the actual song you're singing. With a Hybrid model now available, you can go even further in a Yaris while being environmentally conscious.


Toyota Yaris Cross

It's bold. It's versatile. It's unconventional to the core. It's all action.

What do you get when you cross a city-slicking compact hatchback with a robust and regional-ready SUV? I think you know the answer. The Yaris Cross is a small car with huge capabilities for those with an action-packed lifestyle.

Is Yaris Cross the one for you?

Is freedom to explore close to your heart? Then you'll be a star-crossed lover with the Yaris Cross. It's bold colours and toned wheel arches look ready to zip effortlessly down wide-open dirt roads but with a spaciously-designed compact body and tech-equipped interior, you'll feel just as at home down razor-thin urban laneways. It's all yours to explore when you drive in the best-of-both-worlds.

A taste of Yaris Cross life

Think about a time you heard about a new destination and wished you could go there right now. Unlock that fantasy with this small SUV that leaves the day-to-day in the dust and hits the highroads with SUV confidence. Far-roaming road trips will become a permanent fixture of your schedule with the roomy 5 seats and 390 litres of cargo space in the exciting Yaris Cross.


Toyota Corolla

It's fun. It's sleek. It's a crowd-pleaser. It's just right.

Corollas and Australia go together like BBQs and summer. In fact, it remains Australia’s favourite passenger car for the eighth year in a row. There’s something in a Corolla for everyone, with unparalleled fun underpinning its legendary reliability – there’s no wonder Aussies love rolling with a Corolla.

Is Corolla the one for you?

Redesigned from the ground up, the latest Corolla Hatch is for those who ride shotgun with fun. Every journey becomes the destination when the drive is this smooth and pleasurable. Earning its perpetual top spot, the sporty styling and performance of our latest Corolla Hatch completely reimagines the iconic hatchback. You’ll quickly see why the bar keeps getting raised for all other small cars with each generation of Corolla.

A taste of Corolla life

Whether you pick hybrid or petrol – the possibility for fun-driven adventures is just a key turn away in a Corolla Hatch. Keeping you safe in style, state-of-the-art modern tech and safety features make sure you steer the day your way without a care in the world. Calm and cruisy or agile and zippy, the Corolla just seamlessly suits every pursuit.

Explore the range of personalities yourself

Which small Toyota do you identify with? The only way to tell for sure is to experience sitting in one. Why not meet your match and take it for a test drive at New Town Toyota.