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28 March 2019 · New Vehicles

Costs To Consider When Buying A Car

The clearer you are about how much your car is going to continue to cost after you buy it, the better equipped you'll be to find the best car for your lifestyle and financial situation. This section will help as you consider costs.


Advertised vs. Driveaway price

Before 2009, a dealer’s advertised price often didn't match the driveaway cost. These days, dealers must advertise a single total price, so you know exactly what you're paying for.


The real cost of driving

In the excitement of buying a car, it's easy to forget about ongoing running costs. Factoring these in will help you find the best car for your lifestyle and financial situation. These costs can include your drivers licence, vehicle insurance & vehicle registration, which are often costs that people can easily forget about. 


The pros and cons of trading in

Trading in is an easy way to sell your car, but could a private sale get you a better price? Trying to sell your car privately can be a huge headache and very time consuming. Problems ranging from timewasters to people coming back to you months later down the track with complaints about the car that weren’t there when you sold it to them! Click here for more information on your trade in. 


The right fuel

Not sure whether to buy a petrol, diesel or hybrid car? Or use E10, regular or premium fuel? There are so many factors that will help you to make this decision. Do your research and get to know the differences before you make this choice. 


Regular maintenance pays

Old or new, it pays to keep your car well maintained. Regular servicing by a qualified mechanic can help you avoid unexpected and costly major repair work down the track.


There is a lot to think about when you purchase your new car! If you need help or have any queries, please contact one of our friendly staff members and they will be able to assist you with any of your automotive needs.