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13 June 2016 · Hybrid

The Toyota 86!

What else can be said about the Toyota 86 that hasn’t been covered repeatedly since its launch in 2012?Motoring journo’s have commented on the car so many times that we may as well start calling it a “Kardashian”

But why does the 86 exist and what might it’s future hold?

This car, as brilliant as it is, always gets labelled with the “underpowered” stamp. The 86, at its core, is a small, 50/50 balance, rear wheel drive sports coupe, that can be purchased for under $30,000. Please tell me what other manufacturer, apart from Toyota, would have put that vehicle in the marketplace?

This is a car that makes you feel good. The daily commute is spirited and enlightened thanks to this vehicle.

So why did Toyota produce this vehicle? It all comes down to Heritage. The 86, a name that pays homage to the Toyota AE86,when way back in 1983, Toyota released the Toyota Corolla Levin, Trueno, the Toyota AE86 range. These were small, 50/50 balanced, rear wheel drive sports coupes with a “Whopping” 86kw 1.6L twin Cam 4 cylinder.

I love… LOVE these cars.I have owned an AE86 for the past 20 years and when I drive mine, I feel like a child.The first drive I had of the new Toyota 86 gave me the same buzz i got all those years ago.

Under powered? Sure... But JUST LIKE THE AE86, when on the boil, these things are a TONNE of FUN!!

Slowly these cars will fall into the hands of young, impressionable teens who will pull them apart, tune them and race their mates.The 86 will silently show them the Quality, durability and reliability of the Toyota product,  and then when their Girlfriends and Boyfriends, Sisters and Brothers, Mum’s and Dad’s say that want a new car, Toyota will be front of mind.

So there it is, the genius that is the Toyota 86..

Come in and have a drive, I am yet to see someone come back from a test drive in the 86 with a frown.