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6 June 2019 · Hybrid

The How, What & Why of Hybrid Vehicles?


What is it and why should I buy one?

Hybrid cars have been part of the Toyota range for a while now, but in the last year this Hybrid technology has become more accessible than ever with the All-New RAV4 and Corolla and Camry now offering Hybrid models across nearly every grade. But what is Hybrid, how does it work, and why should you buy one? Read on to find out!


Put simply, Hybrid vehicles are powered by both a petrol engine and an electric motor. Unlike purely electric vehicles, Hybrid vehicles still use a petrol engine to power the electric motor and recharge the hybrid battery. This means for you, you won’t ever have to ‘plug’ a Hybrid vehicle in to charge (in fact, a Hybrid physically can’t be plugged in). You’ll ‘power it’ the usual way, by filling it up at the petrol station. But unlike a purely petrol car, the electric motor and battery will ensure you can go much further with every tank of fuel.


When you start off the electric motor powers the car alone, meaning the engine is getting a free ride. As you’re cruising along, the Electric Motor does most of the work, with the engine helping out where necessary. As you start to fully accelerate both the engine and the electric motor are working together, ensuring maximum performance. Then as you begin to brake, the electric motor will allow the engine to rest and recharge the battery.

Benefits of driving a Hybrid

Taking ownership of a Toyota Hybrid could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Get ready for an easier, more exciting, cost-efficient drive. Toyota continues to set the standard for Hybrid vehicles, with all our models delivering powerful performance, exceptional fuel efficiency and clever design.

So, what does all this mean for you? There are many benefits to owning a Hybrid, such as:

Save with Incredible Fuel Efficiency – the dual Engine/Motor system ensures that you’ll go much further with every tank of fuel, so you’ll enjoy incredible fuel efficiency with impressive savings across the lifetime of your vehicle.

A More Refined Experience – you’ll be amazed by the super-silent Hybrid motor and smoother, more peaceful drive.

Great for the environment – Hybrid Vehicles have less impact on the environment as they produce fewer CO2 emissions. Better yet the Hybrid HV Battery can be recycled, Toyota will even give you a cash rebate when you return a Hybrid HV Battery.

Warranty - Every new Hybrid battery[W1] bought after 1 January 2019 is protected by a maximum 10-year unlimited kilometre warranty, as long as you undertake your annual inspection according to Toyota specifications.


How long will my Hybrid battery be covered for?

The life of a Hybrid vehicle and a Hybrid HV battery will vary depending on usage and environmental factors. For Hybrid vehicles bought before 1 January 2019, we’ll cover your Hybrid battery for eight years or 160,000km, whichever comes first. For Hybrid vehicles bought after 1 January 2019, we’ll cover your Hybrid battery for up to 10 years, provided you undertake your annual inspection as part of routine maintenance according to the vehicle logbook.

What happens if my Hybrid battery runs out of charge?

The high-voltage Hybrid 'traction battery' will never run out of charge, as it charges while you drive.

Does it cost more to service a Hybrid?

During your Toyota Service Advantage period, all servicing costs are capped at the same price for both Hybrid and conventional models. However, once this period expires, you may need to factor in additional servicing requirements, which could increase the annual cost of your service.

Can a Hybrid run on electricity when it runs out of fuel?

No. A Toyota Hybrid can only operate in electric mode when petrol is in the tank.

The world is going Hybrid

The world is going Hybrid

Over 12 million people have chosen Toyota Hybrid vehicles worldwide, and that number continues to grow. With our Hybrid range expanding to eight models by 2020, there’ll soon be a Hybrid for everyone.

We’re all aware of the many environmental benefits of hybrid vehicle technology, but did you know that nearly every component of a hybrid HV battery can be recycled?

As hybrid vehicle technology becomes an accepted mainstream form of transport, Toyota believes that the non-renewable resources in hybrid HV batteries should be retained and recycled.

To help raise awareness of this, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia has launched the Hybrid HV Battery Recycling Program - and is offering you a cash rebate when you return or a discount when you return and replace a hybrid HV battery.

[W1]The Hybrid Battery is warranted for the 5 years/ unlimited kms from date of first delivery. This can be extended for an additional 5 years with an annual Hybrid health check, as part of normal vehicle routine maintenance. Refer to warranty conditions. This warranty does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.