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13 July 2022 · About Us

Which are the ultimate Toyotas for Aussie families?

A family car is more than just a vehicle, it’s just like another home on wheels.

That’s why we need to make sure they meet all our demands – serious safety, plenty of space, and exceptional performance.

Which Toyota would be the ultimate fit for your family and lifestyle? Toyota sat down with their ambassadors, to understand why their current Toyota fits their family needs. Whether it’s luxurious space or adventure-seeking off-road versatility, here are the family favourites that can put the “quality” in “quality time”.


“Us, a dog and a baby and there's still room! The RAV4 fits our family life perfectly and has been a big part of some wonderful family memories”

Emma Vosti, Toyota Ambassador

The ultimate Toyota for active families and road trips.

For those who live for the weekend, the RAV4 is our best-selling SUV that’s perfect for families that love to explore the city, the country, and beyond. Every detail of the RAV4 is designed for great comfort and style – excellent for daily commutes, weekend getaways, and ultra comfortable long-haul family road trips. Now with 2.5L AWD Hybrid options, you can lower your family’s footprint and enjoy effortless acceleration on every journey!

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“A seven seater was essential when we upgraded. The versatility of being able to put down the middle seat so the kids can move around or pack for getaways is awesome. Also, being able to tilt the middle row back when I want them to sleep or chill is excellent!”

Jessica and Ollie Ward, Melbourne Parents

The ultimate Toyota for big families with big lives.

For larger-than-life families, the luxurious and spacious All-New Kluger has it all - SUV power, adventurous spirit, and seven seats to pile in the fun. Whether you have a larger family, enjoy holidays with the kids (and their kids) or love to invite along friends, this flexible SUV is fitted with foldable second and third rows, meaning you can adapt the cabin whenever you need. For the school sports carnival or the weekend bike trip. The All-New Kluger is built for families who lead from the front!

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The ultimate Toyota for adventurous families.

Navigating riverbeds, climbing steep hills, or descending rocky tracks, the LandCruiser 300 has the most powerful on-road and off-road performance of our range – granting your family access to destinations out-of-reach to many others. Not only its power, this SUV has some serious style. The luxurious interior and 4WD ensure comfort on any family travel route.

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“Safety and reliability are what the LandCruiser is all about. The vehicle is held in such high regard on the highway and in the bush. I know that wherever the road leads us, the LandCruiser will always get us there and back again in comfort and safety.”

Lee Kernaghan, Toyota Ambassador

The ultimate Toyota for making family memories after work.

The HiLux Dual Cab is the ultimate multi-purpose vehicle for both work and family. The 4WD availability positions it perfectly for hauling tools around the worksite, while making space to prioritise family life. Equipped with enhanced suspension and smart technology, the HiLux will keep everyone in maximum comfort while you chase new horizons together.

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“Long drives are made possible, allowing the kids to have snacks and take a break in the tray. 4WD gives us peace of mind that we won't get stuck on any tricky road surfaces, whether we’re heading to the beach or exploring the country."

Peter Pham and Linh Dang, Victorian family