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23 May 2022 · About Us

Hybrid Electric is our extraordinary new normal


Toyota Hybrid | The Way Of The Future

We’ve been making Hybrids for over 20 years now. As early pioneers of the Electrified technology in Australia, It’s been thrilling to watch the uptake and demand grow over the years.

You might have even thought about getting a Hybrid before. Maybe you tried one out and experienced the effortless acceleration and quiet, smooth drive. Maybe you thought – one day.

Well, that day may be fast coming. Next time you're looking to switch up your Toyota, you’ll find Hybrid has a much larger presence across our range.

What’s changed?

Hybrid is no longer just for early adopters or specialist Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) car fans. We believe Hybrid is now for every driver. It has become our extraordinary new normal.

Green emissions, clean acceleration and a dream to drive

Toyota Hybrid is the way of the future.

Why Aussies are now hyping up HYBRID

Why Aussies are now hyping up HYBRID

What can you expect from owning a Toyota Hybrid of your own?

The age of Hybrid is here and you have the power of electrification and choice at your fingertips.

With six of our core vehicle ranges now featuring a Hybrid option (plus one very special Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle), there’s no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to driving a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

Why Aussies are now hyping up HYBRID

Best in class fuel economy

When idling at the lights or stop-start driving through rush hour traffic, our Hybrids automatically switch to electric (or EV) mode using zero fuel and dramatically improving your fuel economy.

Why Aussies are now hyping up HYBRID

Towards a cleaner future

Each Toyota Hybrid sold saves an average of 1.39 tonnes of CO2 from entering the Earth's atmosphere each year. That means you can drive with a cleaner conscience today and cleaner air tomorrow.

Why Aussies are now hyping up HYBRID

Uncompromising power

Because of the twin drivetrains, you get the best of both worlds with the souped-up power of Hybrid automatically kicking in with efficient petrol-fueled performance at high speeds.

The power of choice is yours with Toyota Hybrid

We now have Australia’s largest range of Hybrid vehicles to choose from – with much more to come. View the range below.

What’s next on the electric horizon

What’s next on the electric horizon

Heard about Hydrogen?

We believe the future of electric vehicles in Australia is more than a single technology. That’s why we’re heavily invested in Hydrogen fuel innovation and released a car that only emits clean water from its tailpipe.

Toyota Mirai

The Toyota FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle). Mirai is our revolutionary Hydrogen-powered FCEV emitting zero harmful emissions! Read more here.

What’s next on the electric horizon

All-New Corolla Cross Hybrid

The All-New Corolla Cross will be available in Australia with a choice of front-wheel drive (2WD) petrol and Hybrid drivetrains and an AWD model that introduces the latest 2.0-litre Hybrid powertrain for the first time in a Toyota vehicle. All models will also include a raft of improved Toyota Safety Sense features. Read more here.

What’s next on the electric horizon


Our first ever Battery Electric Vehicle will be making its debut in Australia in the near future. The history-making bZ4x (short for Beyond Zero 4x) will feature a fully electric engine, offering all-wheel-drive capability, a futuristic cabin design and yoke steering wheel.

For more information about our electrifying range check out Toyota Electrified.